24 Hour Surgery Drive – 100 Surgeries in 24 Hours

Operation Smile 24 Hour surgery DriveNobody in Ginot’s village in Madagascar had ever seen a baby with a cleft lip before.

His parents were heartbroken when they first saw him. His neighbors just blamed his mother and shunned them both. Without surgery to fix his cleft lip and palate, little Ginot was bound to a future full of disappointment and rejection.

That’s why this tears at my heart so much: when we first saw him, Ginot was too malnourished for surgery … so even we had to turn him away at first.

Not being able to give children like Ginot the surgery they need is agonizing — that’s why we always promise to come back for them. Elaine, I want to make good on that promise, and right now, you are an essential part of that commitment.

Today, we are launching our first ever 24-hour surgery drive to raise funds to provide surgeries for 100 children like Ginot who have been waiting and waiting for a cleft surgery.

We are calling on our supporters from around the world to come together for the first time today so that no child has to wait for the cleft surgery that costs as little as $240. Please, join our 24-hour surgery drive today by making a donation to help us provide surgery for the children who have been left behind. If 10 kind supporters like you chipped in just $24 each, together you can change the life of a child in need forever.

The first time we saw Ginot, we had to say “no” … all we could do for him that day was to offer nutrition and feeding counseling to his mother. But we promised to come back for him in a few months when he would be well enough for surgery.

And we did, thanks to the timely and generous support of people like you.

But as you read this message, there is another child with an untreated cleft condition who is still waiting for his “yes” … another child who has been rejected his whole life, gawked at by neighbors, mocked by classmates, and maybe even abandoned by his family. For that child, the suffering only grows with each day … month … and year that slowly passes.

That wait is unacceptable. That’s why we’re issuing a challenge to our supporters to come together right now: help us raise enough funds in 24 hours to fund 100 surgeries. These surgeries will change the lives of children who have been desperately waiting for too long.

Elaine, our goal of funding 100 surgeries in 24 hours is ambitious … but by joining our surgery drive today, you’ll make that goal a reality — you’ll help completely change the lives of 100 children in need forever. I hope you don’t miss out on this opportunity.

Dr. Bill Magee, Jr., D.D.S., M.D.
Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Operation Smile