Wates and Hood

Collaborative Inventory Optimization – Fiat Chrysler Automotive SA Case Study

Gauteng, KwaZulu Natal and Western Cape Regionals

Jamie Wates and Steven Hood

Jamie Wates, Head of IO, Supply Chain Innovation, DSV South Africa (Pty) Ltd, South Africa and 

Steven Hood, After Sales Supply Chain Manager, Fiat Group Automobiles South Africa

and  Chrysler South Africa


The automotive aftermarket industry is faced with a challenging business environment that requires a different approach to traditional inventory management. This presentation will give insight into the challenges faced, specifically the need for collaboration and visibility across the supply chain. Jamie Wates and Steven Hood will share the Fiat Chrysler Automotive SA case study to show how Collaborative Inventory Optimization benefits the entire supply chain.

About Jamie Wates

He is a multifaceted manager with experience in strategic planning, operations, logistics, inventory optimization and transportation across several industries and companies, including SABMiller. He holds a Master’s degree in Business Leadership from the University of South Africa and a BCom degree from the University of Port Elizabeth and is a qualified SCOR practitioner.

DSV SCI currently provides an Inventory Optimization service to clients in the Pharmaceutical, Automotive, Chemical, Manufacturing, Mining and Retail industries. SCI have also successfully completed projects with a number of high profile companies across several industries and are the Inventory Optimization center of excellence for DSV’s clients globally.

The team has already won 3 Logistics Achiever Awards for innovative solutions in both Healthcare and Automotive.

About Steven Hood

Steven is a multi-skilled manager with experience in strategic planning, operations, inventory management and transportation across the automotive industry. He has been in the Automotive environment for over 25 years with a career expanding from managing vehicle operating expenses, key strategic projects, Business Manager,  After Sales Dealer Operations,  Parts Commercial activities and the Supply Chain Operations.

He is responsible for FCA’s entire end to end Supply Chain activities, incorporating all entities from Inventory Planning, Inbound Logistics, Warehousing Operations and Outbound Distribution. The current FCA Supply Chain operation has one of the highest first pick availability levels internationally as well as the lowest inventory levels within the Group.