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SAPICS introduces the brand new Demand Driven Supply Chain Fundamentals from the Demand Driven Institute

Does your team really understand how supply chains should work?

By attending this brand new, two day workshop, they certainly will!  No matter what their level of supply chain knowledge, this event will lead them to think again!

Based on the best-selling business novel, the Missing Links by Caroline Mondon, South African delegates will have the opportunity to participate in this Alpha Pilot 2 day workshop before the course is released anywhere else in the world!

There’s more exciting news though.  One of the programme facilitators will be the author of the novel, Caroline Mondon from France!  Caroline will be accompanied by another eminent supply chain professional from Europe, Christoph Lenhartz.

The Demand Driven Supply Chain Fundamentals workshop is designed to introduce individuals working in all areas of an organisation to the conceptual differences between conventional supply chain approaches and the emerging flow-based approaches.

From Planners, to the CEO including individuals in Human ResourcesMarketingSales and Financeinexperiencedand experienced – all will benefit significantly from this course facilitated by these two outstanding supply chain professionals.  They will not only share the fundamental hard skills but also the soft skills required to turn a traditionally managed company or supply chain into a dynamic, demand driven adaptive enterprise!

The course is delivered in an innovative educational approach using a real life business case study to help participants identify themselves to CEOs, shareholders and managers of a company experiencing change.  The course is intended to share the modern vocabulary of supply chain management between all departments and all levels of responsibilities.

Monday 16 & Tuesday 17 October 2017

SAPICS Members            R6,900 ex VAT

Non Members                  R8,400 ex VAT

NB – special pilot discounted price.  Exclusive offer to this workshop only.


Introducing Caroline Mondon


With over 25 years in managing operations in French and international manufacturing companies of medium and large sizes Caroline Mondon has gathered significant experience in Supply Chain Management, implementation of Supply Chain Functions, expertise in planning and scheduling and in the Demand Driven Adaptive Enterprise.  Combining these skills with over 20 years being at board level as well as Chair of a supply chain professional association promoting innovative education.  Caroline is an APICS instructor, Demand Driven Institute instructor and has trained the Fresh Connection, the world respected supply chain simulation learning tool, on four continents.  Now the author of the bestselling management book “Le chaînon manquant : management agile de la chaîne logistique en PMI” 3d edition AFNOR which won a national award in 2008.   Now updated and illustrated to include the Demand Driven MRP methodology and translated into English in July 2016 “The missing links” by Industrial Press in the USA.

Introducing Christoph Lenhartz, Germany


Christoph is an experienced leader and management consultant who focuses on the development and adoption of growth strategies and operations excellence for organizations enabling them to realize significant improvements of their bottom line results for shareholders, employees, their market and society.  Certified as a Theory of Constraints (TOC) and Demand Driven expert Christoph has applied these solutions in different business situations and industries. Christoph lists his specialties as Strategy, Business Process Analysis and Improvement, post-merger integration, operations excellence, project management and execution excellence, Constraints Management and he is an avid proponent of the Demand Driven Adaptive Enterprise.

Demand Driven Supply Chain Fundamentals course content

Chapter 1: The New Normal in Industry

PART 1 – The Company and its Variable Environment

1.1 Marketing considerations

1.2 Financial considerations

1.3 Supply Chain considerations

PART 2 – Concepts of Supply Chain Management

2.1 Manufacturing Tactics

2.2 Inventory management

2.3 Information management

Chapter 2: Traditional processes and tools

PART 3 – Fundamental Processes of all Companies

3.1 Static data management

3.2 Total quality management & TPM applied to Supply Chain

3.3 Systemic approaches

PART 4 – Conventional IT Tools and Planning Systems

4.1 MRP


4.3 IT tools

Chapter 3: Giants of Industrial Flow

PART 5 – Modern Flow Based Systems

5.1 A history of flow

5.2 From Toyota Production System to Lean

5.3 Theory of Constraints

PART 6 – Demand Driven Flow

6.1 Relevant Information

6.2 Conventional Failure

6.3 Direction of a solution DDMRP

Chapter 4: From Linear to Adaptive

PART 7 – Demand Driven Adaptive Enterprise

7.1 Systemic model for relevant information

7.2 Bidirectional reconciliation with DDS&OP

7.3 Metrics coherence

PART 8 – Maturity Model to Become Adaptive

8.1 Change Management

8.2 Metrics Evolution

8.3 Strategy Evolution

Each attendee will receive an e-book version of THE MISSING LINKS

About the Missing Links

The Missing links is a Detective novel which leads the reader through the complexities of doing business in regional France. It is a business novel in the style of “the Goal” by Eli Goldratt.  Caroline Mondon’s book appeals to a wide variety of audiences particularly to those who wish to understand the complexities, problems and pressures faced in today’s supply chains.

Become a Certified Demand Driven Fundamentals Professional (DDFPTM)

Once you have completed the two day workshop you will be able to review in depth the topics explored on a dedicated website where international experts have written short appendices to the novel and additional information about modern supply chain tools and methods.  You will then be fully prepared to take the DDFP examination (available in early 2018).  This is an additional fee and details will be available to all those who are interested.

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