Demand Driven Planner (DDP)

The Demand Driven Planner Program was designed with the specific purpose to educate Supply Chain & Operations Management personnel on the methods and applications of Demand Driven Material Requirements Planning (DDMRP). The DDP is internationally accredited by the IISB.
Upon successful completion of the exam participants receive a DDP certificate and may place “DDP” in their professional title.

Workshop Overview

Module 1: MRP in the Modern World – the materials challenge in the 21st Century

  • Key questions for planning and flexibility
  • Dealing with Variability
  • Materials or Capacity – Where to Focus First
  • Continued Relevancy of MRP formal planning
  • The Challenge of MRP in Today’s Environment
  • MRP and Pull-Based Methods (e.g. Lean, DBR)
  • The Stagnation of MRP
  • The MRP Conflict

Module 2: Demand Driven Material Requirements Planning Introduction

  • What does “Demand Driven” mean?
  • Blending Independence and Dependence
  • Part Types in DDMRP
  • Planning and Execution
  • The Five Primary Components of Demand Driven MRP
  • DDMRP Comparison to Past Practices

Module 3: Strategic Inventory Positioning

  • The Positioning Factors
  • ASR Lead Time
  • ASR Lead Time and Matrix BOMs

Module 4: Distribution Network Positioning

  • Distribution network factors
  • Cumulative variability
  • Demand driven versus push and promote

Module 5: Buffer Profile and Level Determination

  • Inventory – Asset or Liability
  • Buffer Profiles
  • Buffer Zones
  • Calculating Buffer Levels
  • Buffer Level Summary

Module 6: Dynamic Buffers

  • Recalculated Adjustments
  • Planned Adjustments
  • Manual Adjustments
  • Replenishment Buffers versus Safety Stock

Module 7: Demand Driven Planning – Stocked Parts

  • Part Planning Designations
  • The DDMRP Planning Process
  • Supply Generation for Stocked Items
  • Supply Generation for Non-Stocked Items
  • Decoupled Explosion

Module 8: Demand Driven Planning – Non-Stocked Parts

  • Part Planning Designations
  • Supply Generation for Non-Stocked Items
  • DDMRP in Pure Make/Engineer to Order

Module 9: Highly Visible and Collaborative Execution

  • Challenging Priority by Due Date
  • Buffer Status Alerts
  • Synchronization Alerts
  • Execution Collaboration

Module 10: DDMRP Performance Reporting and Analytics

  • DDMRP Performance Reporting
  • Analytics
  • DDMRP Solution Summary

What is DDMRP?

DDMRP is a way to reduce lead time, absorb incredible amounts of supply chain variability and volatility, and improve return on capital employed all at the same time and all without compromise.
Demand Driven MRP is the latest ‘revolution’ in supply chain materials planning and execution since traditional MRP was introduced to the manufacturing world way back in 1975 and since then it hasn’t changed. But the world we trade in has, significantly.

Those supply chain pioneers that have implemented, or are in the process of implementing DDMRP, have and are achieving almost unbelievable, incredible results such as:-

  • Really significant reductions in Lead Times – this alone results in huge benefits for the supply chain.
  • Achieving customer service levels of above 99% – which have been virtually unheard of using other traditional methodologies.
  • Inventory reductions of 40 to 50% – but at the same time having the right levels of the right inventory.
  • Implementation time is in weeks, not months – which we are used to with our current ERP implementations.

All of the above is resulting in a much higher Return on Capital Employed (ROCE) which is the ‘Brass ring’ for which all companies are grasping in order to delight their Shareholders.

Become a leader and a hero in your business and your supply chains. Take heed of the quote from one company that has implemented this methodology – “Be warned, make sure your competitors don’t get hold of this before you do – you could get left in their dust!”

Recently Gartner has included the Certified Demand Driven Planner (CDDP) Program in its Market Guide for Supply Chain Certification Programs. It is one of ten programs in the guide.


Steven Montgomery, CSCP, General Manager: Logistics, ABE Construction Chemicals

“DDMRP is one of the most radical shifts in MRP logic within the last decade – Carol is a dynamic presenter that brings shop floor experience to an executive strategy level in a practical and tangible way, I highly recommend that supply chain professionals hear what she has to say”

Kevin Jacobs CPIM, Supply Chain Manager, Permoseal (Pty) Ltd

“Demand Driven MRP will without any doubt improve decision making and supply of products throughout the Supply Chain.”