Kabalin, Tanya

The Golden Link: “Unleashing the potential of the Supply Chain”

Gauteng, KwaZulu Natal and Western Cape Regionals

Tanya Kabalin

Founder, Olakira, South Africa

The Supply Chain is an ‘under-leveraged’ enabler of competitive advantage.

The life blood of the modern organisation — its core purpose is to connect customers with products. Doing this well is a source of significant advantage – enabling distinctive differentiation and repeated delight of customers.

The Supply Chain touches every part of the organisation —- from sales to operations, procurement to finance and human resources, and everything in-between. When fully empowered, it is the organizational glue that drives excellence, innovation and superior returns.

It is a business function deeply entrenched in the real world. Employing the vast majority of staff, active externally every day, it experiences the mood of the economy and needs of the market, and senses business and societal trends. A rich source of intelligence and insight essential to good business strategy and decision-making and a critical player at the executive table.

As the economic and political environment becomes more challenging, and the business and technological world more volatile, the more important the Supply Chain function and its leaders are to the sustainable success of an organisation. The opportunity is to unleash its potential!

About Tanya Kabalin

Tanya is an accomplished and inspiring leader with 20 years international experience in sales, marketing, strategy, portfolio and supply chain gained from the operational ‘front line’ to Board level.  She is recognised for her ability to lead major turnarounds in challenging environments, most recently as Managing Director for Shell South Africa.  She has an exceptional ability to simplify and resolve complex issues, making her a creative strategist with a pragmatic and entrepreneurial flair for delivering results.  Tanya is an outstanding communicator and motivational speaker and a resourceful and insightful facilitator. She has a highly collaborative and inclusive style with particular sensitivity to the behavioural aspects of change, and a passion and clear track record of developing others.  Tanya is the founder of Olakira, a consulting practice that helps leaders shape opportunities into tangible business results. Olakira brings a unique combination of hands-on, practical experience in leading big businesses, international concepts and content, and world class facilitation. She works in partnership with specialists and thought leaders across the disciplines of Strategy, Leadership, Change Management and Skills Building. Tanya is married to Alex, a Property Asset Manager, and they live in Cape Town with their two children.