Keith Launchbury

The Future of Planning is Demand Driven Product Flow Management

Gauteng, KwaZulu Natal and Western Cape Regionals

Keith Launchbury

CFPIM, CIRM, CSCP, CDDP, CDDL, President, Keith Launchbury and Associates, USA

Is your business planning still using the classical tools of reorder point, economic order quantity and Material Requirements Planning? If so, you are in good company, most businesses are using these classical supply chain management techniques, yet the results of using these tools are not good. Most businesses have too much of the wrong inventory and  not enough of the right. The problem is that the world has changed, but we have not.  During this presentation Keith will explain the problems with using old tools for today’s dynamic business challenges. He will discuss changing from a cost driven model to a product flow driven model for planning purposes. He will explain how strategic buffers and demand driven product flow management can tame the bullwhip effect, by absorbing variability, optimizing  inventory and maximizing product delivery performance across supply networks for significantly improved competitive performance. He will describe the manner in which this approach has achieved dramatic performance improvements and profitable results for the companies embracing it.

About Keith Launchbury

Keith Launchbury is a Business Scientist, obsessed with finding out what makes businesses work. He has conducted extensive research with 130 different sized businesses from small one person operations to large multinational organizations. He has uncovered countless examples of what businesses do well, and what they don’t do well. He is a widely recognized international speaker and authority in the area of Integrated Resource Management, Production and Inventory Management and Supply Chain Management, and he is certified in these three programs by APICS of which he was the International President in 1991. Keith was the winner of the Toyota Cup for the best presentation at the SAPICS conference in 2000. He is the sole owner of his own company and has 40 years of experience, is a renowned business educator and has taught generations of business students to think scientifically about business.

Keith has co-authored two more books with Claire Bloom, Journey: Unleashing to Power of Business Integration and All Systems Down, a post global warming apocalyptic novel.