Membership FAQ

Why should I become a member of SAPICS?

To enhance your professional network, take charge of your career, broaden your professional knowledge and be an active part of a vibrant community of supply chain professionals

SAPICS membership opens doors and creates opportunities for Supply Chain Professionals to achieve professional goals and become a vital part of an ever growing network. SAPICS member benefits include outstanding opportunities for knowledge sharing, exclusive savings to attend world-class professional development events and conferences throughout the year, access to supply chain experts from around the world, industry publications and networking opportunities with industry peers from home and abroad.

How do I become a member?

There are no specific requirements to become a member of SAPICS.

Select the category of membership you prefer and then either complete the membership form online or complete the pdf version of the membership form and forward it to the Membership Manager – or by fax 086 575 2979.

What are the benefits of membership?

Membership of SAPICS enables individuals countrywide to benefit from the variety of business learning opportunities, event attendance and professional development tools in a structured and cost effective manner. SAPICS aims to assist individuals in their pursuit of ongoing professional development.

SAPICS members are kept up-to-date on new ideas and developments in the field of supply chain and operations management through personal contact, group meetings, regular correspondence and literature, as well as an interactive and informative website.

What is the difference between SAPICS Membership and SAPICS Membership Plus?

SAPICS Member Plus automatically enables you as a joint international member with APICS, the leading provider of supply chain education and best practice in the USA which incorporates the added benefits that they offer, together with the benefits offered as an individual member. SAPICS Membership is membership at a national (Southern Africa) level.

The different membership options can be found here

Which membership would be best suited to me?

SAPICS Member Plus is suited to those pursuing the CSCP & CPIM qualifications and persons in higher management. SAPICS Member is the more general membership making use of the discounted membership rates, monthly publications, current events and newsletters.

Why should we take up Corporate Partnership as opposed to individual memberships?

Corporate partnership enables the company to broaden the supply chain community within the company as a whole. Employees will also be able to take advantage of a discounted membership rate together with discounted education material and exam rates thereby saving money from both an efficient supply chain and from the attractive discounts available to members. Corporate partnership is for an organisation as a whole whilst the individual / Professional membership is for one individual.

To view the Corporate partner package detail click here

Do I need to become a SAPICS member in order to study through SAPICS and vice versa?

This is not currently a requirement of SAPICS. You may become a member of SAPICS without studying and you may study through SAPICS without becoming a member. However since the benefit of the membership offers opportunities for practical aspects of learning it makes sense to be a member.

Is SAPICS membership recognised by the larger companies in South Africa?

SAPICS membership is most definitely recognised in the corporate environment due to its cost saving educational offerings in the form of workshops and professional development events together with the discounted rates on education material and exams, and the effective networking and knowledge gaining abilities throughout the supply chain community.

What is a Professional Development Event and how regularly is one held?

Professional Development Events include regular and varied site visits to a wide variety of client premises. Over the years site visits have included visits to (but not limited to): Consol Glass, Toyota, Denel, Ellerines, Bidvest Panalpina Logistics, Permoseal, Distell, CHEP, Imperial Logistics, Indigo Brands, Applestiser, SABMiller and many others.

Breakfast sessions or afternoon presentations by international and local supply chain experts. Visiting speakers have included Kevin O’Marah of Supply Chain World and Douglas Kent who spoke on “Your Supply Chain is Vulnerable – De-Risk or Go Home”. Other presentations and experiential learning opportunities included interactive learning games from LittleField Technologies – USA, ABSA, Oliver Wight, Venn Cubed, and a wide variety of Education and subject matter specialists.

These events are generally held once a month in each region.

If you have any questions or suggestions pertaining to membership please let us know –