Educating today’s supply chain professionals

A different set of professional qualifications is needed in response to the changes in the global marketplace. The traditional MBA is challenged by the need for more practical oversight and management of a variety of business areas.

Signpost "Outsourcing"

Why is Outsourcing Still a Dirty Word?

By Kate Stubbs, Head of Marketing at Barloworld Logistics Amongst South African business leaders, outsourcing is still something of a dirty word. For many, it denotes weakness and an inability to properly grow and manage all the traditional aspects of a successful company. Yet this is an outdated view – and one that does not […]

50 Years celebration

50 years of supply chain excellence celebrated at SAPICS Conference

The 38th Annual SAPICS Conference and Exhibition for supply chain professionals coincided with the 50th anniversary of the organisation. “It is remarkable to reflect on how supply chain management has evolved,” said Mungo Park, new president of SAPICS, during his opening speech. “In its early days only a few knew about supply chain and logistics, […]


Manufacturing: Cost-cutting energy options far from exhausted

Even though new levies and rising tariffs peck at what little fat remains of business resources, cost-cutting options related to energy use are far from exhausted. Producing energy efficient buildings and operations, and replicating the supply chain structures, holds enormous potential. Therefore, a broader look at energy use in South Africa’s manufacturing sector and related […]


Success in Africa: get comfortable with change

Many South African manufacturers’ efforts to expand into Africa have failed. Two mistakes – according to speakers on the line-up for the 2016 SAPICS conference for supply chain professionals – are applying familiar product-focused processes, and discounting the importance of working within the existing framework of local culture. Think distribution first, manufacturing second “Focusing too […]


Supply chain failures can be prevented

Supply chain failures result in empty store shelves, infrastructure in various states of breakdown, basic services and resources that are just not available when and where they’re needed, and even increased pollution levels. All these problems are preventable if the relevant supply chains are managed by skilled professionals. Supply chain management is commonly misunderstood as […]