Making supply chains digital

Different to the tourism or marketing environments where digital integration has been absorbed organically, supply chain and manufacturing professionals have been sluggish to phase out what is a deeply entrenched traditional mentality. Thinking must change Prominent supply chain analyst and founder of Supply Chain Insight, Lora Cecere, believes that supply chain professionals have defined their […]


Supply chain blame shifting in Nkandla scandal wrong in more than one way

The supply chain management community of South Africa wants to highlight another critical error made in shifting the blame of the Nkandla scandal to supply chain mechanisms: the correct terminology to use would have been public procurement mechanisms. The term supply chain describes far more than just procurement. This very specialised profession encompasses all activities […]

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Smart energy, smarter business

A broader look at energy use in South Africa’s manufacturing sector and related supply chains – which saps a quarter of global energy annually – could lift businesses away from fiscal watershed. Even though new levies and rising tariffs peck at what little fat remains of business resources, cost-cutting options related to energy use are […]