Cronje, Christo

The ‘People, Process, Technology’ concept applied to forecasting and planning in a cash supply chain

Gauteng, KwaZulu Natal and Western Cape Regionals

Christo Cronje

Cash Supply Chain Manager, Nedbank, South Africa

South African banks have made sizeable investments in cash planning software that promise to minimise costs and maintain excellent customer service levels, while employees leisurely sip coffee.  The reality is often less glossy.  Efforts may be better spent drawing on insights from behavioural economics, rather than operations research when adjusting to the less than perfect reality.  The benefits from implementing a replenishment planning system are not directly proportional to how well the system performs on classic metrics such as forecast accuracy, and plan quality. With an intentionally designed method of influencing human decisions and actions at all levels in the organisation the desired outcomes remain attainable.

About Christo Cronje

Paging through brochures on undergraduate courses, Industrial Engineering grabbed Christo’s attention as it seemed to marry ‘maths and science’ to ‘business’.  Today, it has been eight years since he completed his B.Eng (Hons), and four years since completing his Supply Chain Professional certification through SAPICS.  For the past six years Christo has worked very hard at improving forecasting and planning processes, systems, measures, reports and the like with the aim of creating efficiencies in inventory and transportation of cold hard cash.  During this time he remained a keen observer of the interplay between scientifically driven optimisation and emotional, sometimes even irrational, decision making found all around in the business world.  Christo will continue to ponder these complimentary but often opposing forces as he strives to add value to any organisation he works in, thereby living the industrial engineering cliché “part art, part science”.