Dr Ivor Blumenthal

The professional development of the Supply Chain Management profession

Gauteng, KwaZulu Natal and Western Cape Regionals

Dr Ivor Blumenthal

CEO, ArkKonsult, South Africa

SAPICS is taking another exciting step in its support for members and the supply chain profession as a whole by developing a framework and system for the professional designation of practitioners. This will assure the public – as clients and employers – that Supply Chain practitioners are accountable to a professional body of which SAPICS is the facilitator and patron, for their competence and behaviour. The Professional Body will confer a suitable and applicable Professional Designation on the Practitioner, allowing these Professionals to be recognised by their employers, clients and the general public, as compliant with generally acceptable standards of both Competency and Professional Behavior. SAPICS will also provide continuous professional development to advance members’ skills – from the earliest rungs on the step-ladder of professional recognition, to senior ‘Master’ level Professional Designation. Supply Chain service companies will also be graded for their excellence, and gain recognition for their ongoing development of employees and contractors. Dr Blumenthal, project lead on this initiative, will share more details about the benefit and purpose of The Professional Body for Supply Chain Management Practitioners.

About Dr Ivor Blumenthal

Dr Ivor Blumenthal has worked in a number of Industries and has lectured both in South Africa and in Europe. He has been CEO of two large parastatal organizations, namely the Furniture Industries Training Board, and the Services Sector Education and Training Authority where he completed 12 years of service, building it into an organization with 120 000 members and an annual turnover of R900 million servicing 35 different Industries.  He has served on a number of global bodies representing the South African business community, the most recent being at the European Union in Brussels, and the European Marketing Council.  Ivor has initiated major projects including being at the forefront of a very successful project to Train and Develop 10,000 Domestic Workers throughout South Africa.  As a print journalist Ivor has been published in numerous publications and regularly writes for the Workplace which is a specialized vocation and occupational section of the Star Newspaper and is currently writing a series on “The Evolution of Work” for that publication.  He has written a book, “50 Shades of Greed – The Services Seta, Warts and all”.  Ivor also presents the Midday News Review on MyHood Radio, which he founded, from 12 to 2pm Mondays to Thursdays and Hardtalk from 8 to 9 every Thursday Evening.