Education, training and skills development initiatives are rarely recognized in South Africa. In the Supply Chain Management profession this is even less so, even though Supply Chain Management Skills have been identified as critical skills shortages both globally and in South Africa.

What is the Supply Chain?


Why is this, when the Supply Chain is the critical element to any business?

An operational and functional supply chain enables a company to realize substantial benefits, improved efficiency, productivity, and customer service levels to name a few, it is imperative to gaining a competitive edge.

The Supply Chain Management|Education Excellence Awards were established to give recognition to individuals, organizations and learning institutions that have heeded the call of the skills shortage and have made a substantial contribution to skills development in the field of Supply Chain learning.

As a leading Professional Body for the Supply Chain Management profession, SAPICS established the SCMEEA awards a decade ago. During this time, we have been privileged to learn about truly awesome and motivating stories of Education & Skills Development in the SC profession.

We dutifully recognise Individuals and organisations that have achieved operational excellence and improved business performance through education and training initiatives.

Why nominate?

The SCMEEA (Supply Chain Management Education Excellence Awards) are a great way to gain recognition for education and training related achievements.

For teams and organisations the Awards are an excellent promotional tool and validation of how your innovative training has benefitted your business. For Training Organisations the Awards provide a benchmark of excellence that places your organisation at the forefront in an increasingly competitive market.

For the individual categories the prestige of winning a SCMEEA award is far reaching; the benefits to these award winners include enhanced national status and strengthened professional networks.

The SCMEEA comprises of the following Categories,

  • Vocational student of the year – Individual Category
  • Supply Chain Professional Category – Individual Award
  • Corporate Educator of the Year (Small and Medium to Large organisations)
  • Education organisation of the Year
  • Higher Education Student

By recognising the excellence of Education and Training initiatives within the Supply Chain Management profession we are providing a podium for this very important profession to receive the acknowledgement and praise it so deserves.  This recognition will aid us in sharing the success stories and hopefully raise the overall level of the profession in South Africa which in turn we hope will see youngsters seeking a career in this incredibly dynamic and fast paced profession.

The 2016 Barloworld Supplychainforesight revealed that “the lack of available skills is seen by over 50% of survey respondents as being non-responsive to changes in the business environment, combined with skills shortage being the highest ranked concern of respondents (after economic and political factors, which were deemed outside of their control). Education and training is currently falling short of requirements, and in a fast changing world, training and up-skilling becomes an ongoing requirement that business entities need to facilitate to stay relevant and competitive. This issue urgently requires an action plan involving government, industry and companies”.

We know there is so much more out there that is taking place, we want to hear about it!

If you are developing and training in SC Management you are making a difference to your people, your business and to the industry. We want to hear about it and recognize you for your efforts and achievements.

So tell us your story! Now’s your chance to shout about it!

Submission Deadline: Tuesday 22nd August 2017