Corporate Educator of the year

This category is extended to organisations that recognise the value and importance of Supply Chain management Education and training for their employees. The organisation should have invested in continuous development in its people thus ensuring and demonstrating continuing improvement and positive support and attitude to skills development in supply chain management.

The submission must include the following supporting statements / testimonials:

  • Testimony from employees that support the nomination
  • Testimony from clients or customers (internal or external) that support the nomination

Please Take Note:

The judging panel may request an interview with employees / clients or customers to verify the statements / testimonials made.

Shortlisted Corporate nominations may be required to present their nominations to the judging panel on the 29th August 2017.

All criteria sections are to be completed. We regret that an incomplete submission will result in your submission not being considered.

Submission Deadline: Tuesday 22nd August 2017

Strategic objective
What is the strategic objective for the skills development/training intervention that was implemented in the organisation?
Please provide a summary and explain why it was chosen.
Overview of intervention
• Integrated and cross functional across the business
• Content of the training intervention
• Has the training provided skills to employees that can be used within your organisation and within the broader supply chain management profession?
• SA Qualification Authority (Appropriate NQF Level and Unit Standard)
Reason for the intervention
• Details on the status prior to the intervention
• Reasons for implementation of the training project (unhappy clients or customers, escalating supply chain management costs, high staff turnover etc.)
Proven results or benefits achieved
• Proven benefits to the organisation following the training intervention (client or customer satisfaction improved, supply chain management costs reduction, job satisfaction etc.)
• Employee promotion (include individual success stories)
Professional Association
• Company support for and payment of membership fees for professional associations, learned or vocational society and trade or industry associations within the supply chain profession.


  • Agreeing to the terms and conditions
  • completing the online nomination form, and uploading your submission as attachments to the website and press submit.