Supply Chain Professional Category

This category is open to an individual who has gone beyond the call of duty by not only studying and engaging on a personal development path to improve his/her knowledge and skills base but has contributed to business improvement as a result.

An individual that is an extraordinary team player who shares their knowledge with colleagues and peers through mentoring and coaching and strives to offer support and guidance to fellow professionals.

This individual is a champion for Supply Chain Management within their organisation and is always seeking out new ideas, methodologies and opportunities to improve the business.

The Supply Chain professional is involved with the greater supply chain community and contributes time and effort to the profession through involvement in a professional association, or body, or participates in projects that improve the understanding and scope of supply chain management in its broader context within South Africa.

The submission must include the following supporting documents to support the nomination.

  • Testimony from the employer or testimonials from employees that verifies the submission
  • Evidence to support all criteria

Please Take Note:

All criteria sections are to be completed. We regret that an incomplete submission will result in your submission not being considered.

Submission Deadline: Tuesday 22nd August 2017

Details of personal development path 25%
In what ways did the nominee encourage and foster fellow professionals in the field (through coaching, mentoring or other methods of support)?25%
Details of the achievements of significant merit that advance business improvements, partnerships, and employee and customer satisfaction?25%
Provide details of the contributions made to the supply Chain community through participation in professional body, community project, etc.25%


  • Agreeing to the terms and conditions
  • completing the online nomination form, and uploading your submission as attachments to the website and press submit.