Terms & Conditions

By entering the 2017 SCMEEA, you agree to abide by the following conditions of entry:

  1. The closing date for all entries is Tuesday 22nd August at 16:30. Nominations will not be accepted after this date.
  2. The category has specific criteria, which is articulated within the Award descriptor. All applications must meet the criteria for the Award to be considered a valid entry. Non-compliance with entry criteria will be sufficient reason for the SCMEEA committee to reject the nomination.
  3. For an entry to be valid, it must include the Nomination Form for your category, fully completed, with all terms and conditions signed.
  4. Corporate educators and Education provider entrants that are short listed for Awards may be required to make a presentation at their own expense to the judging panel at the SAPICS Offices in Gauteng. This presentation will give each entrant the opportunity to highlight any features which they feel make their institution especially unique and for the judges to verify and clarify any aspect of each entry as required.
  5. The decisions of the judging panels are final.
  6. All finalists are required to have a representative attend the 2017 SCMEEA Ceremony on Tuesday 5th September, as presence on stage for the announcement of the winner is mandatory.
  7. By applying, all applicants to the SCMEEA agree that all non-confidential details from their nominations, photographs and recordings can be used online, in any print media and in a range of publicity and promotional materials by the SCMEEA.
  8. SCMEEA reserves the right to use all or part of any material generated (photographs, application submissions or any detail) for the purpose of the SCMEEA or for publication online, in print or other broadcast media, for publicity, promotional materials or campaigns related to skills and training.
  9. Finalists and winners of the SCMEEA may be required to participate in media interviews.
  10. When necessary, the SCMEEA reserves the right to extend the deadline for applications for categories where there are an insufficient number of applications received in the first instance.
  11. It is the responsibility of all applicants and nominators to ensure that they have selected the correct category, and submitted the application for that category by the deadline of Tuesday 22nd August 2017 to ensure consideration. SCMEEA reserves the right to re-assign applications lodged to incorrect categories at its discretion.


By entering the 2017 SCMEEA you authorise the use and/or reproduction of images for any editorial/advertising purposes initiated in conjunction with the 2017 SCMEEA.

your contact details may be provided to agencies engaged on behalf of award organisers for promotional purposes.