What’s more important – Profit or Planet?

Gauteng and Western Cape Regionals

Eli Golovey and Debra Wehmeyer

Eli Golovey, Head of Logistics and Commercial, Nando’s South Africa, South Africa and 

Debra Wehmeyer, Director –Retail, CHEP South Africa, South Africa

In today’s challenging supply chain environment where consumers expect more for less while trying to balance the demands of operating in an environmental sustainable way one has to ask “Which is more important; profit or planet?”  During this presentation Nando’s demonstrates its commitment to Fresh, Authentic and Quality Products by collaborating with CHEP. This collaboration showcases a reduction in the supply chain’s impact on the environment, an improvement in the quality of product, an increase in the amount of chicken shipped per product and truckload, reduced packaging and inventory costs. By working together Nando’s and CHEP have streamlined the supply chain and proved that Profit and Planet are no a longer a compromise.

About Eli Golovey

Eli has over 16 years of experience in the Logistics and Management Consulting field. He has worked for a range of blue chip clients in both the private and public sectors. His core skills include strategy development, process and operations consulting, logistics consulting, pricing and change management. Eli started his career at VSC a division of Supergroup before transitioning to Impact, a South African management consulting firm where he made partner before moving to Nando’s first in a consulting role and then as a full time employee

About Debra Wehmeyer

Debra has been with CHEP for 21 years in various roles including Key Account Management, Customer Service, Asset Management and Projects.  Her role encompasses managing the Retail base for all CHEP returnable packaging and solutions, expansion of the wholesale sector using formalized CHEP processes and controls, managing the Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) industry for CHEP and more recently responsible for the growth of the Last Mile Solutions.