Changes to Demand Driven Institute Certifications

This communication is to notify you of the changes that have recently taken place at DDI (Demand Driven Institute).  These changes have a direct impact on the ISCEA Certifications CDDP (Certified Demand Driven Planner) and CDDL (Certified Demand Driven Leader).

The Demand Driven Institute as the Leading Global Demand Driven Authority has established their own Certifications DDPP (Demand Driven Planner – Professional)™ and DDLP (Demand Dirven Leader – Professional)™.

As of 1st September the exam functions paired with DDI educational programs will no longer reside with ISCEA but will be directly administered and facilitated by the Demand Driven Institute.

While we believe that the ISCEA will continue to offer the CDDP™ and CDDL™ certifications, the DDI will not endorse, contribute to nor continue to facilitate the proliferation of these certifications.

DDI will also be launching two additional new certificates that together with the DDPP™ and DDLP™ will create the most comprehensive and up to date set of professional certifications for the Demand Driven methodology.  You can learn more about all of these certifications here:

How does this affect your current designation status?

You can choose to keep your Current designate status (CDDP™ or CDDL™) and/or you can move to gain the DDPP™ or DDLP™ designations through DDI.

Should you wish to acquire the DDPP™ and DDLP™ certifications you can do so by registering for the new exam.  The structure of the new exams is different to the manner in which the testing was previously done for the  CDDP and CDDL exams. The new certifications are based on the Bloom’s Taxonomy (diagram below).

How does Blooms taxonomy affect the testing?

The DDPP™ and DDLP™ testing is built on the more advanced stages of Bloom’s Taxonomy – Apply, Analyze and Evaluate.  The test taker is given 2 hours to answer 50 questions selected from an item bank related to specific given scenarios.  The tests are open book test – notes and references can be used.

The new certification testing will be open from 1st September 2017, if you are currently holding a CDDP or CDDL certification you can take the test to earn the new designate status at a cost of $50.00, but this offer is only available until 31st December 2017.

How does this affect you if you are in the process of booking for an exam, or have just finished with a workshop?

If you have completed a workshop recently or even if you completed the workshop some time back and want to take your exam our suggestion is for you to wait until testing opens for the new certification exams from 1st September.  You can review the latest version of the Demand Driven Planner Program while you wait to test.  Please go to and request “DDP Video Recording Access”.  You will need to ensure that you have a DDI on demand account.  You can register free of charge here:  If you experience any problems with accessing the webinars please contact for assistance.

The regular cost to take the DDPP™ and DDLP™ is $ 250.00 and entitles a free re-write (if required).

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